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DEMTECH224 with Prof. Golda is a media production class that focuses on experimental media technologies and methodologies. This course is open to student exploration, allowing us to investigate new approaches in a wide variety of fields. Democratic Technologies has helped me to think about the media and technology that surrounds my everyday life in a different way.

Partner Podcast Interview

Our first DemTech assignment, the Partner Podcast served as a baseline for our future work in this class. We were tasked with interviewing a fellow student, and then filming and editing the process into a podcast episode. I spoke with Hailey Filera, a PR & Advertising major from Bergen County, NJ.

Susan Magnano: A MasterClass in Light Painting & Astrophotography

Learning the skills of light painting and astrophotography from Susan Magnano was an incredibly rewarding experience that gave us a unique first-hand educational opportunity. I found her presentation fascinating and really enjoyed learning about her career, events, and workshops. Her landscape photography that made use of star paths was breathtaking, and unlike images that I had ever seen before. By using a timed camera and leaving the aperture open for a long period of time, she has found a way to capture light in a very visually appealing way. Her focus is on bringing a story to the subject through the light techniques in the background.

My favorite photo from her portfolio was of the red rock canyons in Utah, which was set at a beautiful location in nature. She then used a drone to light paint rings around the rock formations, which made a supernatural looking final product. I thought her photos of Professor Golda used rays of orange light extraordinarily well, centering him and his music in the eyes of the viewer through a spotlight effect.

Continuing to experiment with this style after the masterclass provided additional room for growth, utilizing the light tools and camera technology to create some incredible images. Being in front of the camera, behind the camera, and behind the light work made this masterclass workshops one of my favorite classes I've gotten to taken at Sacred Heart.


This assignment encouraged us to explore an issue that we have in relation to digital technology and social media. We also researched the ways in which artificial technology has the capacity to exacerbate or assist our chosen topic. The video on the left is my rough draft and the video on the right is the studio version. This was a project that I found incredibly impactful. Listening to my peers problems with the current media environment has been helping me shape my views on our best path forward with these new technologies. The issue I chose to discuss is The Ethical Dilemma with Excessive Automation.


A compilation of our solo packages, the digital citizen show combined live studio production with prerecorded segments. Each student had a role to play, rotating between host, talent, technical director, audio, etc. In this show, we conversed about our individual issues with digital technology, looking towards the future at its many possible impacts. I sat down for an interview to discuss my issue of The Ethical Dilemma with Excessive Automation with Prof. Golda. Later on, Hailey Genzale, Matt Kelm, and Jack Winans joined me on the show, where we took a look at their issues, and what they mean for society.



Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 3.30.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 3.26.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 3.29.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 3.26.46 PM.png

Overlay these colorful abstract Envato elements on top of footage that I shoot of different locations (beach, street, forest), as well as b-roll of people laughing together, b-roll of people singing together, and b-roll of various instruments. My goal is to create a high-quality, energetic video that matches the positive energy, upbeat feel of the Light Warrior's song "Raise the Frequency". I want to combine the feelings of an EDM, psych rock, surf rock, and reggaeton music video. 

Independent Project


Our Indy Projects tasked us with creating a unique outlook on a media topic that we were passionate about. The media artifact I chose to create was a collage and a video exploration of my film photography while in Spain. The photos I took were able to perfectly sum up what the experience meant to me, as well as an encompassing portrait of the individuals I met along the way. To me, film is so beautiful because of its raw nature. It is in the flaws that the beauty stands out. Unlike digital, you can’t take 1000 pictures and edit down your favorites until there are perfected products. By using film and composing it into a digital artwork, it’s almost a summary and an antithesis of what film is.  My independent project reflects my work, my outlook on the preservation of older mediums, and how I try to find beauty in the imperfections of media, where creativity truly shines.

Muddy Blues Stills

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