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My name is Collin Moura.

Thank you for tuning into my adventures, this is just the beginning.

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Feel free to reach out or connect with me, I would love to meet you. 

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Student, Business Administrator, Author of Seeking Fortune: A Thief's Gambit (2024)

Bio written by Nicholas Meachen

Collin Moura is an up-and-coming professional in the media industry. He is currently studying Journalism & Media Arts at Sacred Heart University, where he will graduate from in 2025. He has been a member of the Dean's List every semester, maintaining a cumulative 3.94 GPA. The School of Communication & Media Arts at SHU has provided Collin with countless avenues for exploration, offering wide-ranging production opportunities in both the field and in the classroom.

Moura is an elected member of the editorial board for Spectrum, the campus newspaper. Over the last year he has risen in the ranks, contributing to the paper in all four facets (writing, photography, graphic design, advertising). Starting as a staff photographer and writer, he now serves as the newspaper's head photography editor and editor-at-large.

Collin's work has been published by Sacred Heart University, the National Audubon Society, and Cotopaxi

In April of 2023, he was a feature guest on Disrupted, an NPR affiliated CT Public Radio program and podcast. Collin and a group of three other university students discussed the prevalence of media literacy across generations in a roundtable discussion on media ethics and the constantly evolving digital environment.

Moura places the upmost importance on ethics, social justice, and environmental preservation. He believes in working to create a better world for the future generations in which equality, peace, and sustainability are at the forefront.

Collin's goal is to live a life well spent, bringing a spotlight to the raw beauty of our planet and its inhabitants along the way. Enthralled by the unique vastness of our world, he has a passion for new adventures and experiences.

Collin Moura is currently working as an Assistant Camera/Production Assistant for the 2025 feature documentary, Flyway of Life. Over the next two years, he will be traveling with Tomas Koeck's crew to film and photograph the numerous species that call the Atlantic Flyway home. The documentary will also highlight the conservation movements and scientists that work tirelessly to protect these species. Check out the website and subscribe to the film's mailing list for exclusive behind the scenes content and the most up-to-date information on the ongoing project.

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